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Our top ten target markets are selected for investment through a methodical process of peak-to-peak cycle tracking, indicators for job and population growth, and potential liquidity.  We believe that value-add investments generate the best risk-adjusted returns, so we focus on those investments with conservative leverage.

Callis Road Industrial Development

Coming Soon

Fund IV

Opening for Investment Fall 2020

Current Fund Investments

2900 Weslayan

Houston | Mixed-Use | Fund III

Concourse at Westway

Houston | Mixed-Use | Fund III

Saturn One

Houston | Commercial Office | Fund III

North West Rubber

Houston | Industrial | Fund III

4414 Hollister

Houston | Industrial | Fund III

Union Woods

Salt Lake City | Commercial Office | Fund III

Airport Overlook

Charlotte | Commercial Office | Fund III

Pinebook Plaza

Charlotte | Commercial Office | Fund III

Scarlet Oak

Charlotte | Commercial Office | Fund III

200 Union Plaza

Denver | Mixed-Use | Fund III

Loop Central

Houston | Commercial-Office | Fund III

The Zachry Building

San Antonio | Industrial Office | Fund III

Marketplace at Lake Boone

Raleigh-Durham | Mixed-Use | Fund III

Carolina Place

Raleigh-Durham | Commerical Office | Fund II

12900 West Airport


Commerce Center Sugar Land

Houston | Industrial Flex Office | Fund III

675 Bering

Houston | Commercial | Investment

520 Post Oak

Houston | Commercial | Fund III

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