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Q1 2019 Real Estate Market Thoughts

Once this quarterly report is published the Fund III acquisition team will have less than 9 months to invest the remaining committed capital. We are up for the task and have plenty of assets to review for potential investment between now and March 2020….time flies when you’re having fun! On that note, we are pleased

Q3 2019 Real Estate Market Thoughts

After months of anticipation we finally witnessed the exuberance of the private capital markets and an extraordinary “tech” salesman collide with a more skeptical public market and result in one of the largest IPO flops ever, WeWork. Our team has been wary of the story and ultra-rapid growth of WeWork for a couple of years,

Q3 2020 Real Estate Market Thoughts

We hope this Quarterly Update finds our readers healthy and “carrying on” during a year that many will never forget. As part of our continued commitment to enhancing our investor experience and providing some additional structure to these reports, once again we added a Table of Contents and Summary below to assist time constrained readers

Q2 2020 Real Estate Market Thoughts

Our Market Thoughts this quarter are somewhat lengthy as there is so much to talk about amidst the upheaval of COVID, the recession and gyrating markets. For those readers with limited time who want to go directly to a specific topic we will cover or simply get a quick take, we are adding this quarter

Q4 2019 Real Estate Market Thoughts

We mentioned in our Q3-2019 market report that many existing and prospective partners ask about the trend towards higher office densities and what the long-term impact is on overall office demand. We gather and evaluate data on the subject because it is important to our investment strategy for the portion of our capital allocated to

Building Recovery Readiness Guidelines

Sizing the Retail Conversion Opportunity

Prologis | Sep. 2020

Suburban office campuses gaining appeal in social distancing age

S&P Global | Tom Yeatts, Chris Hudgins | Jul. 1, 2020

New Industrial Demand Won’t Be Met for Years

Globe St. | Kelsi Maree Borland | Jun. 15, 2020

Pricing Discovery Remains Elusive Amid Thin Deal Flow

NREI | Beth Mattson-Teig | May 21, 2020

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