Real Estate Investments Built for the 21st Century

Griffin Partners specializes in providing a complete range of commercial real estate services to high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and institutional real estate capital providers. We work closely with each client to understand their investment objectives and design solutions that achieve them.

Our Investment Strategy

As they say the numbers speak for themselves, and in over 40 years of business, all of our projects have maintained or grown in value. We've engineered a practical, risk-adjusted approach to investing that targets value-add opportunities in office, industrial, and mixed-use assets.

Our successful approach to investing seems simple but results from decades of experience. We identified the ten best secondary markets in the United States positioned for high economic growth. In these areas, we either acquire undervalued properties and apply our investment strategy or leverage our experience on high-yield, ground-up land site developments.

High-Growth Markets: We invest in ten non-coastal, high-growth secondary markets that we've chosen because of their expectation to continue on an upward demand trajectory for the long term.

Opportunistic Sectors: We focus on profit-oriented investments in CRE sectors like office and industrial that demonstrate potential for consistent growth with relatively low-risk.

Value-Add Approach: We believe that value-add investments generate the best risk-adjusted returns, so we focus on those investments with conservative leverage. 

Disciplined Sourcing: We only invest where we believe ROI will outperform the broader market. Every move is backed by data-driven market research and due diligence, which is why we only invest in 2% of the assets we investigate.

Investment Performance

Commercial real estate is a very cut-and-dry industry. Your investments are generating an ROI or they're not. In 40 years, we're proud to say that every one of our projects has delivered positive results.

7% average cash yield to investors

14% internal rate of return net to investors

100% of investor capital preserved

How We Build Our Portfolio

The commercial real estate sector is laden with opportunities — not all of them positive. Identifying and differentiating the right moves from the wrong ones requires an intimate knowledge of the local markets, a tightly controlled and precisely executed strategy for increasing value, and the experience to streamline the process.

We seek investment opportunities with an attractive discount-to-replacement cost, a history of peak-to-peak rent growth, and a relatively long weighted average lease term. By combining a data-driven, top-down analysis of our markets and assets, we're able to add significant value to each property for our investors.

Why Griffin Partners is Unique

Griffin Partners is a full-service real estate company focused on value-add investments that generate a strong ROI. What makes us different from other companies is that our principals invest significant capital alongside our clients and set a high standard for fair and transparent terms. In other words, we invest our money right alongside yours. The result? Over 50 investments with entirely profitable performance.

Our Approach to Acquisition

Many of the most lucrative opportunities to purchase new land or existing commercial assets are relatively private, closed-circle dealings, and finding them requires a strong, respected presence in the market. That's why we've established long-standing relationships within the business communities of the markets in which we operate. Not only do they enable us to fully participate in the two-way street of local commerce, but they give us an advantageous position in pursuing real estate with the most potential to add value to our portfolio.

Growth-Oriented Asset Management

Acquiring and developing real estate is only part of the equation. It also has to be expertly managed with the specific goals of increasing cash flow, satisfying tenant needs, and maximizing its value over the long term. To ensure our efforts benefit our organization, clients, and community, all of our operations and internal processes happen within the framework we've established in our environmental, social, and governance values.