Letter From the CEO of Griffin Partners

From the day in 2001 when I joined my father, Fred Griffin, our company’s Founder, we have held family at the center of our core values.

We believe in fostering an environment for our team that warmly welcomes and supports them, as a family would. Our approach to investing in commercial real estate is conservative, and prioritizes the preservation of capital, corresponding with the financial goals of the most successful families. Unsurprisingly, many of our investors are family offices.

Over almost four decades, through experience and practice, we have developed a proven process for identifying promising real estate investment opportunities, executing operating strategies and harvesting successful investments. We extend our core values to developing deep relationships with our partners. In fact, we named our firm Griffin Partners to reflect our conviction that strong relationships with like-minded partners and aligned interests are the absolute best assurance of successful outcomes. We are proud that our extensive investment track record demonstrates that success.

I am honored to carry on these traditions and principles for the next generation and those yet to come. We welcome new relationships with new partners who share our values as we continue to provide quality real estate investments and services to our extended family of respected partners and friends.

Gratefully yours,

Edward M. Griffin

Chief Executive Officer

Company History

Griffin Partners is an entrepreneurial commercial real estate investment, development, and property management firm. We believe that value-add investments generate the best risk-adjusted returns, and therefore the firm focuses primarily on acquiring value-add infill office and light industrial assets using conservative leverage. The performance of these existing assets can typically be improved through modernization, proper capitalization and the application of our deep asset management experience. Our principals invest alongside our investor clients, demonstrating fully aligned interests in every project and perpetuating a culture of integrity, collaboration, and precision. The partners comprising the investment, property and asset management leadership team have an average tenure at Griffin Partners of 17 years and average industry experience of 31 years. Founded in 1980 by Fred Griffin, the company began as a development and construction management firm and expanded to investment and property management services. Since inception, Griffin Partners has been involved with the acquisition, development, or management of 70 assets comprised of 96 individual properties encompassing 14 million square feet with an aggregate value exceeding $2.0 billion. The goal of every investment is to enhance performance, reduce risk, and support a diversified portfolio.  Through all these assignments, Griffin Partners has built a reputation of providing lasting, client-focused relationships, with a passion for creating value for our investors and trust in our expertise.


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Charitable Connections

Space Center Houston

Fred Griffin: Chairman of the Board

The Manned Space Flight Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational foundation offering extensive science education programs and a space museum. The cornerstone of its education mission is Space Center Houston, a leading science and space exploration learning center. It is one of Houston’s top attractions, the area’s No. 1 attraction for international visitors, the Official Visitor Center of NASA Johnson Space Center and a Smithsonian affiliate.
Visit the Space Center Houston Website

Clayton Dabney Foundation for Kids with Cancer

Andrew Montgomery: Board Member

The Clayton Dabney Foundation for Kids with Cancer provides needy families, with children in the last stages of terminal cancer, assistance in creating everlasting memories by providing last wishes, gifts, special events, family travel and financial assistance with household expenses. Assistance is arranged through the parents and is anonymous to the child.
Visit the Clayton Dabney Foundation Website

Sweet Briar College

Fred Griffin: Board Member

Sweet Briar College prepares women (and at the graduate level, men as well) to be productive, responsible members of a world community. It focuses on personal and professional achievement through a customized educational program that combines the liberal arts, preparation for careers, and individual development. The faculty and staff guide students to become active learners, to reason clearly, to speak and write persuasively, and to lead with integrity. They do so by creating an educational environment that is both intense and supportive and where learning occurs in many different venues, including the classroom, the community, and the world. Visit the Sweet Briar College Website

TWRC Wildlife Center

Since 1979, TWRC Wildlife Center has been committed to providing quality emergency care and rehabilitation for injured, ill, and orphaned wildlife brought to them by the public. Through education and engaging the public in wildlife-care programs, TWRC continues to make a difference for urban wildlife threatened by loss of habitat.
Visit the TWRC Website


Andrew Raab: Board President

Glasstire is the oldest online-only art magazine in the country. They have promoted the visual arts in Texas to a local, regional and national audience since 2001. Glasstire is the only publication in Texas that is producing serious art criticism on a daily basis and remain journal of record for the Texas visual art community.
Visit the Glasstire Website

Houston Grand Opera

Fred Griffin: Board Member

Houston Grand Opera’s vision is to inspire opera’s future. Their mission is to advance the operatic art to serve an ever-evolving audience. They produce great operatic works that create and sustain a new American art form and fuse them with a historical repertoire to inspire the next generations of opera lovers—both in their community and globally through technology.
Visit the Houston Grand Opera Website

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Edward Griffin: Volunteer

Big Brothers Big Sisters partners with parents/guardians, volunteers, and donors to provide children with strong and enduring, professionally supported, one-to-one relationships that change lives for the better, forever. Their vision is that all children can achieve success in life.
Visit the Big Brothers Big Sisters Website

Alley Theatre

Edward Griffin: Board of Directors

The Alley Theatre, one of America's leading nonprofit theatres, is a nationally recognized performing arts company. The Alley produces up to 16 plays each year in its newly renovated Theatre, ranging from the best current work to re-invigorated classic plays, to new plays by contemporary writers.  The Company reaches over 200,000 people each year through its performance and education programs. Its audience enrichment programs include pre-show and post-performance talks, events, and workshops for audience members of all ages.
Visit the Alley Theatre Website

Urban Harvest

Edward Griffin: Volunteer

When Urban Harvest was founded in 1994, it was thought that food could not be grown organically in Houston. Since then, Urban Harvest has introduced an alternate vision for the city, revealing that sustainable fruits and vegetables can flourish in Houston’s unique climate, and locally grown, healthy food can revitalize and empower our region.
Visit the Urban Harvest Website

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