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About Griffin Partners

How did Griffin Partners get started?

Fred Griffin founded Griffin Partners in 1980, started singularly as a development company, over time adding property management and acquisition to the company business plan.  Much of the accolade comes from our redevelopment of the George R. Brown Convention Center and for the contribution our company added to the development of Clear Lake and the geography surrounding NASA.  When Edward Griffin joined his father in business in 1999, the company began acquiring and investing in buildings and became a steadfast name in the commercial real estate industry as it is known today. 

What do we do best?

We are a commercial real estate firm focused and excelling at value-add, risk-averse deals that emphasize capital preservation for our investors and principals. We buy buildings that are underperforming due to reasons that we know we can fix, that are in markets we have identified for potential to grow in ways we know will increase value.  Then we increase the value of the building through remodeling, construction improvements, and service standards.  Through these improvements the value of the space for tenants goes up and higher rent is called for, due to increased market value of the building.  When the business strategy for each asset is complete, we sell the building at a profit and provide excellent returns to our investors.

Do we put in for our own investments?

We invest alongside our clients, taking part in the process and maximizing our returns along with theirs.  Capital of the four principals invested with the firm makes up a large portion of every deal and of Fund IV and Fund III. 

What makes us unique?

Griffin Partners believes that trust, integrity, transparency, and honesty are the keystones for any and all business functions.  We are always completely forthcoming with our clients, tenants, and vendors.  This serves as a competitive advantage in the long run when forming new relationships keeping existing relationships strong. 


Where does Griffin Partners invest?

Griffin Partners invests in ten target markets generally across the southern U.S., including Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Denver, Nashville, Charlotte, and Raleigh-Durham. Each of these “secondary” markets have greater than 400,000 non-farm payroll jobs which we believe provide strong liquidity and a cap rate arbitrage versus investing the “primary” markets of the US.  These secondary markets have positive demographics trends that include continued population growth coupled with diversified economies to buoy or investment portfolio.  Pursuing assets in these markets provide better risk adjusted returns versus primary markets while maintaining yield and investment liquidity.. 

Does Griffin Partners invest all across the commercial real estate board?

Griffin Partners primarily focuses on investing in office, industrial, and mixed-use office with limited retail across our ten target markets.

Who are our clients?

Our family of investors includes primarily high net worth individuals and family-office partners. We serve clients of many demographics who meet our investment criteria and value capital preservation.

Why create an account with Griffin Partners?

Creating an account allows us to share investment opportunities with you and allow you access to more in-depth information about our investments, assets, and other valuable information.  Once you become an investor you will be able to manage your documents and records from us easily and find updates about your investments quickly.

How do I invest with Griffin Partners?

You can join our family of investors by creating an account in our online portal at invest.griffinpartners.com and reviewing our available offerings, or contact our Investor Relations department for personal service.

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